About ECHR


The ECHR is a leading think tank institution in the sphere of criminal justice, it provides expert support and offers innovative solutions for the observance of fundamental human rights and freedoms.


We publish our own research and the research of our partners and colleagues

We bring people together to share ideas and develop innovative solutions

We create platforms for the exchange of experience and promotion of forceful regulating mechanisms for social problems

We are building on partnerships boosting government and non-government sector representatives access to the developed policies

We use modern communication technologies wisely to spread knowledge and support reforms.


Public authorities and management at all levels

Government and Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, State Bureau of Investigation (SBI),  Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine(NACB), National Police of Ukraine (NPU), Specialised Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office

Professional community

Policy paper expert-developers, products and technologies, lawyers, attorneys, scientists, teachers at higher educational institutions (HEI)

Grantees and investments recipients from international organisations and the state

Ukrainian human rights initiatives, consortia, public organisations, expert centres

Consumers of  ECHR products and services

Communities, citizens of Ukraine, vulnerable groups representatives

Board members

Volodymyr Sushenko

Head of the ECHR

Kateryna Levchenko

Member of the Board

Mykola Gnatovsky

Member of the Board


Victoria Unichenko

Financial Manager

Victor Chuprov

Head of the Human Rights in the Custodial Settings Program

Ulyana Shadska

Head of the Community Safety Programe

Andriy Orlean

Head of the Human Rights and Justice Programe

Anastasiia Kluha

Project Manager

Sergiy Illuk

Project Manager

Yuliya Golodnikova

Communication and Marketing Manager

Anastasiia Apetyk

Expert on Informational Rights and Cybersafety

Oleh Bodnar

Project Manager

Zlata Shvec

Project Manager


Report of the ECHR 2019

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Financial report of the ECHR 2018

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Report of the ECHR 2016