Investigative Interviewing in Ukraine

Currently, the work on the analysis of the practice of conducting interrogations, the system of special training for pre-trial investigation bodies and the best foreign experience is being completed, which will make it possible to see the key problematic aspects of conducting interrogations in Ukraine.

In September 2019 the pilot model of the procedural interview was launched in Ukraine. Selected at will, NABU and National Police of Ukraine detectives were taken through a number of training, developed by international experts and adapted by their Ukrainian colleagues. Now the participants of the pilot group apply an innovative approach in their practice. At the same time, ECHR specialists supervise the process of procedural interviews implementation, collect valuable cases for spreading the technology and work out optimal models for recording this procedure. For the successful implementation of the procedural interview, a comprehensive system approach is required, which will eliminate the risks of discrediting the good idea with poor-quality implementation.

By Olena Staranchuk


The philosophy of investigative interviewing will help to move away from the common practices of the investigator’s desire to obtain a confession by any means or to bring the person’s evidence in line with other evidence (physical evidence, witnesses statements, etc.). This innovative technology allows one to get the widest possible range of information necessary for the investigation without any kind pressure on the individual.

“Thanks to the introduction of such a tool as a procedural interview, we integrate the idea of justice into our investigation DNC-code» –

Daren Jay, international expert, trainer and consultant in the field of Interview Management Solutions.


Translation by Oksana Vaschenko

Andriy Orlean, Head of the Human Rights and Justice Programe