#JustConf 2020: the most interesting part

Bloody fights with police in central London in 1980s (the Brixton riots) forced the British government to introduce an actions recording system over the persons under police supervision (Custody Records) and to institutionalise the rights and responsibilities of police officers (PACE police and Criminal Evidence Act). The amendments to this document in the form of clear instructions to police officers on how to act during public challenges are done regularly and approved by the British government as a preventive measure of the state to forestall human rights violations by law enforcement officers.

The Custody Records system is a comprehensive system for documenting all actions taken to detained persons.


The CR system is not only about protecting the detainee, but also about:

Protection of police officers

Protection of TDF (temporary detention facility) employees

Proper performance of duties by the prosecutor and the interests of Justice

For more information, visit the Custody Wiki


Andriy Orlean, Head of the Human Rights and Justice Programe