Manual for public detectives has appeared in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the first manual for public detectives has appeared. It describes the algorithms for conducting investigation in case human rights been violated by the police and contains all the necessary instructions, documents, and links to sources with which investigators work.

The issue contains the information, useful for everyone, since it is based on real cases and data expertise: types of citizens’ rights violations committed by police representatives, procedures for collecting evidence during a public investigation, and so on. The special section is dedicated to the real stories of people who got help from public detectives. In that way, the manual teaches citizens, how to respond to violations of their rights, who to contact, and what to do.

The publication was prepared with the support of the Public Health Program of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the  “Developing the ability of communities to implement initiatives protecting drug addicts and reducing the threats, associated with drugs use and distribution» project


The authors of the manual are ECHR experts Sergii Illiuk,Oleg Bodnar




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Sergiy Illuk, Project Manager

Oleh Bodnar, Project Manager