Partners about ECHR

Matthew Schaaf, Director of Freedom House Ukraine:

“Thanks to the cooperation with the ECHR in 2019, we have achieved significant success in the field of participation of Ukrainians in the control processes of law enforcement agencies, which must ensure security and proper conditions for the implementation of human rights. Our cooperation with the ECHR will continue in 2020 to strengthen the institutions of democracy in Ukraine.”



Yuriy Belousov, head of the Department of procedural guidance in criminal proceedings on torture and other serious violations of citizens ‘ rights by law enforcement agencies of the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine:

“We actively use the results of research and practical developments of the  Expert Centre on Human Rights  in our work. So, for example, the results of the study of the role of the procedural head in criminal proceedings, as well as the standards of pre-trial investigation, which are developed by the ECHR together with partner organisations, let us from the very beginning of the Department’s work to direct prosecutors to actively engage in the pre-trial investigation process, establish effective communication with the investigator, shape a General plan of investigation, and so on.”


Claudia LUPEA

Police and Security Forces Delegate, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Delegation in Ukraine:

“The International Committee of the Red Cross greatly appreciates your ongoing support in meeting our mission in Ukraine. Your contribution to Expert Meetings allowed representatives of the National Police Human Rights Department, State Security Service of Ukraine, General Prosecutor’s office, NGO’s, state agencies dealing with protection of human rights, as well as scholars, to identify challenges in the process of arrest and find optimal long-term solutions”.



Dmytro Teperik, Executive Director of the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS), Estonia, head of the “Resilient Ukraine” program:

“I have enjoyed working with ECHR experts, who are reliable colleagues and insightful experts on information security issues. Their experience and research skills are of great benefit to our team. As a program Manager, I appreciate their significant contribution to our analytical study of critical gaps in communication, information and cybersecurity in Ukraine”»



Mykola Sioma, Director of the all-Ukrainian charity organisation “Ukrainian legal aid Fund”:
“Сooperation of the “Ukrainian legal aid Fund” with the leading national analytical centre – the “Expert Centre on Human Rights ” is useful for the society for reasons of the efficiency of ensuring access to justice and preserving human rights in Ukraine. Together with the ECHR, we study Ukrainian legislation, develop practical models for efficient human rights protection and implement them in the system work of government bodies. ECHR experts have a better understanding of the problems of Ukrainian legislation and offer powerful solutions to improve it.”


Sofia Golota, Manager of the initiative for the development of analytical centres of the International Renaissance Foundation: “the Expert Centre on Human Rights  is a dynamic and professional team of competent experts. The organisation is always focused on achieving objective results and is not afraid to experiment, grow and develop.”