Regional platforms as a tool for public oversight

The initiative “Efficient cooperation of civil society with security services in Ukraine” was founded in late 2018 in partnership with Freedom House in Ukraine, the Vostok-SOS Charitable Foundation and the “Ukrainian Institute for human rights” Public organisation.

One of the elements of the initiative is the creation of regional platforms for direct dialogue and sufficient interaction between the boards of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the security Service of Ukraine with civil society organisations at the national and regional levels to address systemic problems of human rights violations.

The ECHR’s civil control activities consist of expert and research work, mediation and educational activities.

The expert work covers the audit of the condition of civil control in the state, the development of procedures and policies for the observance of human rights, analysis of opportunities to ensure civil control, the development of a policy paper to improve the principles of civil control over security services.

Research activities focus on monitoring the practices of interaction between state law enforcement agencies, local self-government bodies (LSB) and civil society organisations at the regional level, analysis of legal acts in the field of civil control, and so on.

Mediation of crisis situations arising between the public and security services at the level of the local community. This is especially true for regions close to the demarcation line. We are talking about establishing a direct dialogue between the parties, objectively assessing conflict situations and the factors that caused them, as well as the consequences of the influence of regional platforms, and searching for joint solutions.

Educational measures are aimed at facilitating dialogue for the development of intersectoral interaction and informing society about the state of civil control.

Victor Chuprov, Head of the Human Rights in the Custodial Settings Program

Sergiy Illuk, Project Manager